Do You Know Dieng Culture Festival ?

Walking Walking Tour Organizer
2019-03-28 07:46:15

Dieng Culture Festival, As the name suggests is a Cultural Festival with the concept of synergy between elements of Community Culture, Potential of Dieng Nature Tourism and Empowerment of local communities as the basic mission of forming the event. The event was initiated by the Tourism Awareness Group by involving various elements of the community and organizations or Services Related to Tourism in Dieng.
The Dieng Culture Festival was first held in 2010. A similar event was previously known as "Dieng Culture Week". Only when entering the third year did the Dieng local community and the Tourism Awareness Group take the initiative to change the name of the event to Dieng Culture Festival.
The core of this festival is cutting dreads of children in the Dieng area. Before the hair cutting event, prayer rituals will be held in several places, including Dwarawati Temple, Arjuna Temple Complex, Sendang Maerokoco, Gatotkaca Temple, Telaga Balaikambang, Bima Temple, Sikidang Crater, Caves in Telaga Warna, Pepek River and Dieng Cemetery.
Besides cutting dreadlocks, Dieng Culture Festival is also enlivened by other events such as Purwaceng Healthy and Drinking Street,Traditional art performances, screening of Dieng film festival nominees, leather puppet shows, lantern & fireworks parties, top Cloud Jazz performances
This event is usually held in August.